Español abajo. Our short but very intense trip through Australia was amazing. It started on the wrong feet, as we neglected to get the proper visa to get in, so we were no able to board on the plane… things happen when you travel, so we requested the visa and book a plane for a … More Australia

Ship Creek

On the road to Franz Josep Glacier, south island of New Zealand, we made a stop in Ship Creek. A desolated and windy beach surrounded by a swamp.  Don’t get the wrong impression, it’s a beautiful and photogenic place, where you can discover many interesting corners. It was one more of the surprises that NZ … More Ship Creek

4 days trip to Komodo

Español abajo. We departure on Monday from Bangsal, Lombok, to Komodo Island, through Pulau Sumbawa. We were 25 passengers and 5 crew members sharing a ship for 3 nights and 4 days. Our expectations were 4 sunny days and some tranquil navegation; however the 2 first days were a nightmare. The storm was intense and there was … More 4 days trip to Komodo

Deb in Melbourne

We met Deb through our friend Pako. She loved the project and accepted to host us in exchange of a photo session within minutes. She was lovely showing us around Melbourne and giving us the best food tips in the city! We ended up making two sessions, the first one while walking around in the … More Deb in Melbourne

Fleur & Thits

We met Fleur & Thits while camping in Red Beach, it was their last day in the North Island and our 1st day there. They were so generous giving us their camping gear that we decided to thank them our way, with a very cool beach photo session,  without hesitation they look each other and said yes. I … More Fleur & Thits