A little bit about our history

201103 Uyuni - Bolivia A 1x1

It was 2007, Lau had became a pharmacist a year ago and her 1st long trip around Europe was about to start. She was eager to leave Buenos Aires and start the adventure. It was such a great experience, especially since she found couchsurfing! Last stop of the trip was Spain and she was visiting friends in Madrid when our paths crossed.

I (Fede) had moved from Argentina to Spain 3 years ago and was finally living as a photographer. Life was good! I  was celebrating my 33 birthday and Lau was invited to the party by a friend.

She was staying just a few days, so I needed to be fast. I invited her to take a walk in Madrid to know her better. We spent some days hanging around and she continued her trip and went back home.

8 months later, on 2008, Lau returned to live in Madrid. We got in touch again; went to have dinner; started seeing each other frequently; moved in together in 2009; got married in 2010-2011 (yes twice, in Madrid first, and then in Buenos Aires).

Great party indeed… but I don’t want to bother you 🙂

We spent our honeymoon backpacking along Bolivia and Peru for 7 weeks. We’ve visited Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Arequipa, Titicaca Lake, La Paz, Tupiza, Salar de Uyuni, etc., met a lot of interesting people and enjoy time with friends.

We decided to return to Madrid, where we lived until 2016. You can see some pics of our trips in SO FAR SO GOOD menu. It was time to get on the road again, the plan now is more ambitious and includes a 2 year trip.

Check out where we are going and get your photo session in exchange to hosting us!



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