Our New Zealand Top 7

We have to start this post by saying that we LOVED all New Zealand, it’s a magnificent landscape after another. It was really hard to chose just 7 places, we did agree easily on 5 of them, the rest came all very close. We have to admit 40 days in NZ is not enough and we missed so many places we wanted to visit!

7- Lake Tekapo

Do we need need a reason to select it? Have you ever seen a lake so blue? If you are visiting with a camper, do yourself a favor and camp by the lake, it will be a night to remember!

MPYH_2017_New Zealand_Lake Tekapo_0006

6- Waiheke Island

It was our first stop in NZ and it was a happy surprise. Everybody was telling us to visit it but when we arrived and had the chance to trek around it, we were sold! It has great beaches, nice mountains to walk around and very good coffee! what else do you need?


5- Coromandel and the Cathedral Cove

OK, we are cheating here, Coromandel is a large area, but we can’t split all these beaches. Just a mention to the Cathedral Cove as it is fascinating. But we also enjoy the hot water beach and so many more in our road trip is unfair to select just one.

MPYH_2017_New Zealand_Catedral Cove_0004

4- Queenstown

Lovely city! We were counting the hours to get there and finally we did and it was not a disappointment. Is the coolest city we visited in NZ and you can do so many things! But most important it is surrounded by best landscapes you can imagine. Even with rain everyday, we still thought it was the best city in NZ (we have to say Wanaka is probably cool too, but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow us to stay longer as planned).

MPYH_2017_New Zealand_Queenstown Hill_0008

3- Rotorua and Whakarewarewa Thermal Village

To sum up in one word: WOW! Let’s start with the volcanic park and the smelly mud pools. The setting of the city is wonderful and you can enjoy it almost at every step, the lake, the street market, the local park! Is something to see and visit. And don’t forget to pay a visit to Whakarewarewa village, we had the best day there, Fede got to join a Haka and was so thrilled!

MPYH_2017_New Zealand_Rotorua_0019

2- Milford Sound

I guess you saw this one coming, Milford Sound is breathtaking. Only the Milford road makes the trip worth it, but when your ship sales, it is just amazing! We were there after 2 days of heavy rain, so the waterfalls were at their best. The sun was on our side and we had an amazing day in the Sound (they are actually fiords) and were able to enjoy a perfect trip that ended in 40min of Kayaking that were amazing. A different way to enjoy the views for sure!


1- Franz Joseph Glacier

This one made the 1st place because it had a helicopter trip that lasted a few minutes but was enough to complete the experience of walking on ice! Getting there flying is amazing, even now that the glacier is withdrawing and is a small part of what it can be. We had so much fun in the 2hour walk that it was our favorite experience in NZ for sure!



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