New year in Bangkok

To start our 16 months trip, we chose Bangkok as the plane tickets were soooo cheap! This was our first time in Bangkok, so we decided to join the tourists and spend time visiting The Royal Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun,  Jim Thompson’s house, Chatuchak market & park, MBK center to last minute shopping,  tuk-tuk’s ride, KaohSan Road and so much more!

As we arrived on NYE, we went celebrate to China Town, but the jetlag was too intense and we made it back to the hotel, and have a toast in a bar nearby, surrounded by local  nice people 🙂

Out TOP TIPS for Bangkok:

  • Wear light clothes as it goes from warm to too hot and humid pretty fast. Go out early in the morning and have a nap in the afternoon to go out again at night 😉
  • Take a jacket for the metro if you are going to use it 😉
  • Don’t miss a sunset trip in the river
  • If you are visiting on a weekend, go to the Chatuchak Market
  • Go to the Royal Palace very early to avoid the crowds and the heat. Also, you must wear long pants and cover your shoulders.
  • At 6pm note that everybody will stop walking and listen to the National Hymn.

DON’Ts in Bangkok

  • Do not participate in any activity that includes sexual degradation of children or women, such as ping-pong shows or prostitution
  • Do not negotiate prices that are fair, saving 50cents to you might not be as important as to them
  • Do not ride elephants or participate in any animal shows. These animals are being abused for your enjoyment.
  • Do not missrespect Buddha’s image.

Hope you enjoy some first pics of this trip!


4 thoughts on “New year in Bangkok

  1. Feliz año nuevo, chicos!!! I see you spend some incredible first days in Bangkok. Beautiful pics! Good look on your next stop in Malaysia…. Big hug xxx


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