Our plan is travel and meet locals in their homes and leave them with a memory that would last forever:

You will get a professional photo session: A family/couple/single/friends photo session.  The session can take 1 to 4 hs and Fede will select all good pics, edit them to look great and give them to you as soon as possible after the session. We will agree on the day and time in advance and answer all your questions.

In exchange, we want to be able to stay at your house, share some meals and spend some time with you. Don’t worry, we know you have jobs and a life!

You don’t have enough room to accommodate us in your home? We offer the possibility to book your photoshoot for the cost of 3 nights accommodation fee at your home town 🙂 The price will change depending on the city you live, this is why we don’t want to fix a number. Please contact us to get the details.

For hotels, hostels, B&Bs, bars and restaurants, etc. If you want to renew or get pro pictures of your workplace, we are sure we can find an arrangement good for everyone, please contact us.

Visit the next destinations sections to find out where we are going next. We will only be naming the countries and main cities but our idea is to build the route with the invitations we get🙂

Do you want to see Fede’s work? check his facebook page and his website.

Why this idea?

This project came to us very naturally, we are travelers freaks, we believe that we need take some time off during routine every 5 years and Fede is an experienced photographer.

On 2014 we started day dreaming about this trip, thinking where to go, what to do and how much money we needed to save. After several changes in plans, new ideas and crazy ideas, we decided to leave on 29Dec2016.

With the flight ticket on hand, all came down really fast. We wanted to travel, but we knew the best part of the trips are not the places, but the people you meet. We are Couchsurfing enthusiasts, so this is our improved way to meet locals while traveling and offer something to remember your whole life.

Hope to see you soon!