We are Fede and Lau, avid travelers. We love to spend time discovering new places, countries and cultures. We have recently ended a 16months trip that took us from New Zealand, through South East Asia to Latin America and Europe.

Now we are back in Spain, we are preparing the photo exposition, that will include all our trips, not just this last one 😉

In the meantime, we think you might enjoy purchasing some of the amazing pics we got and we have done a selection that will be soon available for purchase in different sizes and formats.

You will get a professional photo of your choise: Seletect the size and the material, we will print it for you and send it to your home or office for your enjoyment!

If there is a pic that is in the blog or Instagram and not listed for purchase, just send us your request here and we will prepare it for you 🙂


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Why this idea?

This project came to us very naturally, we are travelers freaks, we believe that we need take some time off during routine every 5 years and Fede is an experienced photographer.

On 2014 we started day dreaming about this trip, thinking where to go, what to do and how much money we needed to save. After several changes in plans, new ideas and crazy ideas, we decided to leave on 29Dec2016.

With the flight ticket on hand, all came down really fast. We wanted to travel, but we knew the best part of the trips are not the places, but the people you meet. Now we want to share our experience, provide some tips and show our best material we got 🙂

Hope to see you soon!


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